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Why did AFI go on this silly tour? If you watch the videos there’s like three people singing along to Miss Murder which is a song that literally everyone knows. Fucked up.



YO, J got the coolest shoes ever and I love them.

I don’t use this website much anymore but I felt it was completely necessary to come on here and post this today.

Exactly a year ago I sent these messages to ill-litshipsinthesunset aka J aka my boyfriend. We had talked once before when he was supposed to be taking a road trip across country and stopping in Denver for a bit, months prior. All I had known about him was that he liked AFI, was vegan, and seemed like a pretty cool guy. The original plan was to hang out and get vegan milkshakes or some shit but that fell through as he didn’t end up taking the road trip.

I’m not sure what sparked me sending him these messages but I’m glad I did. I followed them up by giving him my number. The next day AFI announced the title of their new album would be Burials and I awoke to a text about it from J. We have talked every single day since then.

So thanks tumblr, and thanks AFI tag, because if it wasn’t for you we never would have found each other.

Remember that time Alkaline Trio were playing all of their albums live and I couldn’t go because I moved to middle of nowhere Denver from the East coast?


Vegan food I ate in New York.

Photos from our trip so far. First two are from stops along the way: Omaha and some place in Iowa. Stopped in Chicago for a few hours and we feasted at the Chicago Diner and I’m already looking forward to going back. I had a spicy black bean burger with mac and Teese and a god damn cookie dough milk shake. We split BBQ seitan wings. J had some mushroom melt delicious sandwich. Imagine being able to eat there all the time? Ugh.